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Адресс: г.Киев, ул.БВС 29

Телефоны : +38(068)483-8888


Время работы:Пн.-Пт.: 09.00-17.00


Адреса: м.Харків, ул.Вологодскій в'їзд 6

Телефони холодильне обладнання: +38(067)320-8000 +38(066)320-8000

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Refrigeration machine ABC

Refrigeration machine ABC
17 June, 2021
In the conditions of market relations, an urgent problem related to quality and safety assurance

perishable food products, an increase in sales volumes and an expansion of their range, is

equipping retail enterprises with the necessary modern refrigeration equipment.

Many food products are perishable, therefore, to maintain their quality, they must be

Certain conditions have been created. The main means of preserving the quality and nutritional value of food

The cold is coming. Preserving with the use of cold allows you to preserve freshness and original properties

Products - natural appearance, aroma, texture, taste and nutritional value. This can

Achieve in two ways - chilling and freezing.

The machine method is the most common way to obtain cold by changing the aggregate

the state of the working substance, boiling it at low temperatures, with removal from the cooled body or medium

The heat of vaporization required for this.

Compression refrigeration machines are mainly used in trade, which consist of the following main

Nodes: compressor, air-cooled condenser, thermostatic expansion valve (TRV) and evaporator.

The refrigerating machine, in addition to the listed main parts, has automation devices, filters, dryers,

heat exchangers, etc.

The compressor is the most complex and important part of the refrigeration machine. It serves to extract refrigerant vapors from

Evaporator, compression and condenser discharge. The main indicator of the compressor is its

cooling capacity (the amount of heat that the chiller receives per unit of time from

The medium to be cooled).

An air-cooled condenser is a heat exchanger in which steam coming from the compressor

The refrigerant turns into liquid. This process takes place when the refrigerant gives off heat to the external environment.

An evaporator is a heat exchanger that removes heat from the medium to be cooled.

The thermostatic expansion valve is used to automatically supply the required amount of refrigerant to the evaporator.

It controls and maintains the set temperature of the refrigerant vapor at the outlet from the evaporator.

Automation devices provide starting, stopping the refrigeration machine, protecting it from overloads, maintaining

set temperature conditions in the medium to be cooled, optimal filling of the refrigerant evaporator,

timely thawing of a snow coat from evaporators.

The pressure switch automatically maintains the set pressure in the suction line by switching on and off


Receiver - a reservoir that collects liquid refrigerant in order to ensure its uniform flow to the expansion valve

And into the evaporator. The filter serves to remove mechanical impurities. The desiccant is designed to absorb

Moisture from the refrigerant when filling the system with it and during machine operation. The heat exchanger serves for

superheating of refrigerant vapors from the evaporator to the compressor and subcooling of refrigerant from

Condenser for expansion valve.

The principle of operation of the refrigerating machine is as follows.

1. In an evaporator installed in the cooling volume, the liquid refrigerant boils at low

pressure and temperature due to the extraction of heat from the environment.

2. From the evaporator, refrigerant vapors pass through a heat exchanger and a steam filter, then they are sucked off

compressor, are compressed and in an overheated state are pumped into the condenser, while the temperature and pressure

Are rising.

3. In an air-cooled condenser, they condense; turn into liquid.

4. Liquid refrigerant flows down the condenser pipes and accumulates in the receiver, from where it passes under pressure

Through a liquid filter and heat exchanger.

5. The purified freon, passing through the narrow opening of the expansion valve, throttles, is sprayed and at a sharp decrease

The temperature and pressure enters the evaporator.

The cycle repeats itself. Circulating in such a closed circle, the refrigerant alternately changes its aggregate

State, that is, there is an abrupt transition of the refrigerant from a liquid state to a gaseous state and vice versa.

There are situations when something of the equipment fails, a team of our

specialists of the ALLCOLD Company specializing in working with refrigeration equipment for more than 30 years we are masters

our favorite business, we are always ready to provide you with spare parts and tools of the highest quality

European and Western manufacturers. Also, our experts will be able to advise you from the smallest

Spare parts for more complex issues such as design and installation of cameras.
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